Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last Bulletin of the Year - 05.04.14

Campus Ministry Bulletin
vol 22 no 27

May 4, 2014 - Third Sunday of Easter
+ Acts 2: 14, 22-33 + 1 Peter 1: 17-21 + Luke 24: 13-35+
Masses at 10:30am and 6:30pm

Mass Intentions:

Sunday5.4   10:30am  
For the SAU Community                

Monday5.5    Noon           
Tuesday        5.6      9:00pmLast Mass of Year        

This Week's Activities Include:
Monday: Commencement Music Rehearsal 7pm (Chapel)
Tuesday: Last Mass of the Year 9pm (Grotto / rain = Chapel)

Campus Ministry Offices - Lower Chapel
333-6132 or
Fr. Chuck Adam, Chaplain
Kelly Bush, Director of Service & Justice
Chris Clow, Director of Music and Liturgy
Sheila Deluhery, Director of Faith Formation

A daily scripture reflection I read recently told about the words on the tombstone of Mel Blanc, the man whose voice was behind cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and Daffy Duck. On the tombstone about his burial place are the words he used at the end of every cartoon: “That’s All Folks!” I suspect our graduates as they walk across commencement stage may well be thinking about what’s over more than what’s ahead. But the fact is, a world of opportunity awaits. Faculty and staff who retire after this year may feel a bit as though it’s all over. But in addition to the opportunities retirement creates, surely there is also a feeling of satisfaction in the fulfillment of a vocation of service that enriched and enabled students. We in campus ministry especially acknowledge with gratitude the 22 years of faithful service of our retiring director of faith formation, Sheila Deluhery. Since she was the originator of this bulletin when she was director of campus ministry, it is only right that we say thank you to her in this space. But it is also true for all of us as we end another academic year, we know we never really say, “That’s All Folks.” And all the bonds that are forged in the enterprise of such a life-giving endeavor as education at a Catholic university are lasting bonds. So even though parting with places, with experiences, and most especially, with people, can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be a farewell. The phrase “good-bye,” after all, is a shortened form of "God be with you."  So even as we utter those words” we are acknowledging a future hello. Some languages say it more explicitly. "The Spanish, adios means 'to God' - meaning that our lives are in God’s keeping. And vaya con dios means 'go with God.' As we conclude the year, we can be reminded that God goes with each one of us, because of that we are always mystically together in God’s family. With faith, we know, “That’s NOT All Folks!”  For people of faith, the best is always yet to come. Congratulations to our graduates. Blessings to all who finish their time with us.  And thanks to all for a great 2013-14 academic year! ---Fr. Chuck

•Summer Mass Schedule
This Sunday May 4 will be the last regular mass schedule weekend of the year. The last daily mass is Tuesday, May 6 at 9pm.  Beginning on Sunday, May 11 we will offer Sunday mass in the chapel at 10:30am on the weekends that classes are in session.  No daily masses are offered during the summer session, and no mass will be celebrated on Sunday, May 25 due to Memorial Day.  10:30am Sunday masses will be held until July 13, and start back up again on August 10.  Have a great summer!

•Thank You from Campus Ministry
We would like to express our thanks and great appreciation for all of the gifts and talents our students, faculty, and staff have shared through campus ministry this year. The list is too long to mention everyone but we would especially like to acknowledge: Those who participated in Ambrosians for Peace and Justice; Interfaith Council; Antioch retreat leaders; Bridge Bible Fellowship leaders; Campus Bible Study; Brewed Awakening organizers; the Bee’s Knees prayer members; those who served at Mass and More; and all who faithfully served as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Sacristans, Altar Servers, and Music Ministers in our liturgies. Special Congratulations and thanks to FAITH LEARNING JUSTICE Award recipients: Brittany Bersano, Molly Gabaldo, Luke Greene, Kemper Rusteberg, and Leah Norcross.

•Final Weekday Mass - Tuesday, May 6 at 9pm and Midnight Breakfast at 10pm
Bring your friends, bring your floor, or bring your team!  All are invited to the last daily Mass of the semester on Tuesday, May 6 at 9pm in the Grotto (rain location: Chapel).  Come together and celebrate liturgy one last time before summer.  After Mass, head over to the Cosgrove Caf for Midnight Breakfast, beginning at 10pm.

•Rice Bowls
THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Rice Bowl collection!  Once again, SAU gave generously, and we have over $900 to send to Catholic Relief Services to combat hunger around the world!

•Photos from the Year
Our talented Graduate Assistants, Fr. Sabu George and Kaitlyn Koniuszy, both of whom are moving on after earning their degrees this year, put together a video collection of photos from the year.  Take a look back at the past year in Campus Ministry.  Find it online here:  And congratulations Fr. Sabu and Kaitlyn!

•Gideon's Society on Campus Tuesday
Every couple years, members of the Gideon's Society, whose mission is to make Scriptures readily available to anyone who desires them, ask to come to campus to distribute free pocket size copies of the New Testament. We have given them permission to be at several spots on campus on Tuesday morning May 6. They agree not to use any cohesive speech, but only to offer you an invitation to receive a copy of the New Testament. Please be courteous and respectful of their enthusiasm for the Word of God.

•Estimate Number of Hours of Ambrosian Service
          Students, faculty, and staff at St. Ambrose University once again responded to the call to serve this year.  Our attempt to count the hours of service has come to 79,587 hours this year.  THANK YOU to all students, faculty, and staff who gave of yourselves in service over the year.  Here is what has been done:
   Co-Curricular Service:  Urban Plunge: 546 students, 1,293 hours of service, 28 agencies served  --Hunger Week: 62 students, 194 hours of service, Clothes Out Hunger raised nearly $400 to benefit Humility of Mary, 297 students donated meals to benefit Humility of Mary, 3,000 meals packaged for Kids Against Hunger, students donated 276 food items at the Hungry Games, Greenlife bake sale raised enough to donate a cow, a pig and a goat though Oxfam to a community in the developing world, Phi Eta Sigma spoons tournament to benefit Oxfam had 30 student participants, -- Service to L’Arche: 19 students, 154 hours --St. Mary’s Sleep Out: 5 students, 60 hours --Pacem in Terris: 4 students, 12 hours --Service to Youth and Family Services: 9 students, 45 hours --Run for Renewal: 19 students, 57 hours --Souper Bowl of Caring: 12 people, 34 hours, $197 raised  --Halloween in the Halls: 5 students, 20 hours --Interfaith Council: 114 hours to CafĂ© on Vine --Service on Saturdays:  258 hours --Chicago Winter Break Service Trip: 5 people, 150 hours --Pine Ridge, SD Spring Break Service Trip: 8 people, 400 hours --Detroit Winter Break Service Trip: 6 people, 300 hours --East St. Louis Spring break Trip: 3 people, 150 hours --WV Catholic Worker Spring Break Service Trip:  6 people, 300 hours --Holy Family Confirmation Retreat:  10 students, 121 hours --Dance Marathon: 600 people,  11,000, $132,148.02 raised  --Bee the Difference: 500 students, 1500 hours, 72 neighbors served --Iota Omega Kappa Delta Pi: 82 hours --Antioch Student Retreat Team: 17 students, 170 hours --Fast Fest: 350 students, 1, 050 hours of fasting, $960 raised --West Point Confirmation Retreat:  17 students, 198 hours --Music Ministry: 150 students, 900 hours --Sacristans and Alter Servers: 9 students, 52 hours --Service in India: India, 7 students, 420 hours --Circle K: 195 hours --Habitat for Humanity: 22 students, 12 builds and 2 Spring Break Service Trips, 1,392 hours --SAU Dancers:  54 hours --Athletic Department: 7,400 hours --ResLife: 1920 hours --SGA: 1780 hours --Greenlife: 19 students, 760 hours --Bees Knees Prayer Ministry: 1560 hours --Bridge Bible Fellowship: 702 hours --Art Club:  13 students, 60 hours --NSSLHA: 34 students, 215 hours --TriBeta National Biological Honor Society: 15 students, 150 hours --Galvin Spinetaneous: 7 students, 350 hours –Service to Thurgood Marshall School: 7 students, 98 hours
    Curricular Service:  Physical Therapy: 30 students, 150 hours --Masters of Speech-Language Pathology : 156 hours --Honors Program: 1324.5 hours --Theology:  200 hours, 40 students --MSW: 64 students, 32,640 --Health & Sciences: 25 students, 125 hours --Music Department: 57 hours --Women’s Studies: 24 students, 480 hours --DPT : 1600 hours --Nursing: 408 hours --Art Department: 75 hours --MOT: 243.5 hours --OT Department: 46 students, 464 hours --MOL: 340 --Education Department:  416 hours --Engineering: 12 students, 540 hours --Comm 203: 82 students, 904 hours --ESL: 30 hours --Computer Science: 22 hours
   Faculty/Staff Service: 3,742

•Ambrosians for Peace and Justice
Ambrosians for Peace accomplished many things this year. We want to thank all students who attended meetings, participated in service events on campus and in the community, signed letters in the cafeteria, and educated themselves regarding justice issues.  Special thanks to Molly Gabaldo who served as president and to all the board members. We know the good work will continue next year with Kristin Upah as the Ambrosian for Peace and Justice president. And a special thanks to Kelly Bush for serving as advisor and as Director of Service and Social Justice Ministry.  Blessings as you move on from this position to complete your MSW degree.