Friday, January 24, 2014


Campus Ministry Bulletin
vol 22 no 16

January 26, 2014 - Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
+ Isaiah 8: 23 - 9:3 + 1 Corinthians 1: 10-13, 17 + Matthew 4: 12-23 +
Masses this Sunday at 10:30am and 6:30pm

Mass Intentions:

Monday1.27Noon+Kevin M. Smith   
Tuesday1.284:30pm+Paul F. Yellman
Wednesday  1.299:15pmStudent Intentions
Thursday1.30     4:30pm+Mark Polaschek       
Friday1.31Noon+Sara Megan Garvey     

This Week's Activities Include:
Monday: Music Ministry 7pm (Chapel); Brewed Awakening 8pm (Gathering Space)
Tuesday: College Bible Study 7pm (Lower Chapel); Bridge Bible Fellowship 9pm (Gathering Space)
Wednesday: Ambrosians for Peace and Justice 8pm (Lower Chapel)/Mass and More 9:15pm (Chapel)

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) is celebrated Wednesday from 8:30-9pm in the Reconciliation Room in the Chapel and by appointment.

We’ve probably all complained about the subzero temperatures we are experiencing this winter.  On the positive side, some particularly good humor from late night comedians has started with the line: “It’s so cold that…..” My better judgment tells me not to repeat them here.  Humor about the cold is quickly abated when one stops to think of those whose professions require them to work outside in order to give us the services we take for granted, or the tragedy of the homeless living on the streets of our cities. As chilling as that reality is consider the statistic that came out this week from the international relief organization OXFAM. It reports that the 85 most wealthy people in the world possess as much wealth as all the lowest 50 percent of our world’s population combined.  Put another way, these 85 individuals possess more than the combined wealth of 3.5 billion people! The OXFAM report blames laws enacted in many countries over the last 40 years that have worked to favor the wealthy, including lower tax rates for people with higher incomes, financial deregulation, anticompetitive business practices, and major cuts in public services for those who need them the most.  And the worst part of the report, the gap continues to widen at a rapid rate, especially in the USA. While a group of Ambrosians marched in the cold during this civil rights week, it is apparent that billions of our brothers and sisters continue to be left out in the cold when it comes to economic justice.  It is a complex reality and I am out of writing space here.  But to seek a solution, let's tune-in to the preaching of Pope Francis and to a better understanding of Catholic social teaching. We can’t allow wealth to blind us to an essential truth of our faith: we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper.  No one should be left in the cold.                                  ---Fr. Chuck

•Sign Up!
At the beginning of each semester we offer sign ups for all of the campus ministry activities - from liturgical ministers to service.  Stop by our offices in the lower chapel, fill out an orange card in the Gathering Space and leave it in the basket, or email  We appreciate the generosity of all Ambrosians.

•Music Ministry 
All SAU students are invited to join in Music Ministry.  Join us for Monday night practices at a new time: 7pm.  Email Chris Clow at to learn more!

•Antioch – Spring 2014---Registration Forms Now Available
Pick up your registration form and plan today to take part in our Spring Antioch Retreat at Sugar Creek Retreat Center on  February 21 - 23.  Forms are available in the chapel Gathering space or at the sign up table in the Caf for the next two weeks and at various spots around campus, as well as online here.  Antioch is a retreat weekend for all college students – a chance to relax, listen, discuss and better understand what it means to be a Christian through an atmosphere that is nonjudgmental and seeks to model a true Christian Community. For more information please contact or one of our student leaders: Christine Mattern or Austin Robbins!  Deadline to register is Friday, February 7.

•Brewed Awakening
Mon, Jan. 27 with Interfaith Council. Come discuss tradition, spirituality and living your faith with SAU students who practice Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. Join us for good coffee and great discussion! Meet in the Chapel Gathering Space at 8:00pm.

•Service on Saturday
Are you interested in service opportunities in our local community? Join fellow students Saturday, Jan. 25 from 2pm-4pm for visiting ministry and BINGO at the Kahl Home and Saturday, Feb. 1 from 10am-1pm at Winnie’s Wishes store, helping to sort and organize donations. Please email Kaitlyn Koniuszy at to learn more or sign up!!

•Souper Bowl Sunday
We all know that next Sunday is the Big Game - why not fight hunger and support those in need while enjoying the game?  Ambrosians for Peace and Justice will be sponsoring raffles for signed NFL items to help fight hunger during the Big Game Party in Cosgrove.  Contact Kelly Bush to learn more.

•Ambrosians for Peace and Justice
Come join us for a meeting this Wednesday night at 8pm in the Lower Chapel offices!  All SAU students are welcome to join Ambrosians for Peace and Justice, to learn about Catholic Social Teaching, and find ways they can make a difference in the lives of others.  Contact Kelly Bush at to learn more!

•College Bible Study
Meets this week at 7 pm on Tuesday in the Lower Chapel. Come and learn from scriptures which will be read the following Sunday in all churches that use the common lectionary.

•Service Trips
Time is running out to sign up for a Spring Break Service Trip!  Applications are due January 31 so pick up an application on the bulletin board in the Gathering Space or in the Lower Chapel or from the website and get it into to Campus Ministry. Contact for more info.

•Destination Leadership
Next Saturday Feb. 1 in the Rogalski Center ballroom. Registration is now open Register for FREE in BeeCAREERS or Contact Student Activities.

•Spiritual Community Ambassador Position Opening
We are looking for an SAU student for a leadership position on the Spiritual Floor for the 2014 - 2015 academic year.  The SCA position requires a student dedicated to his or her own spiritual life and one who is willing to help others in their spiritual growth. Compensation includes housing. Contact Fr. Chuck Adam for more information and to pick up an application form,

•Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies
Want to work as a youth minister?  Sign up for the summer Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies program.  In just two weekends over two summers participants gain experience, tools, and resources that help in all avenues of youth ministry.  Perfect for those who are interested in working with high-school aged youth in a parish, school, or retreat setting.  Four courses offered here at SAU this summer on June 12-15 and July 10-13, and courses can also be taken for undergraduate Theology credit.  Get the application online at or email Chris Clow at to get an application and learn more!