Thursday, October 30, 2014


Campus Ministry Bulletin
vol 23 no 11

November 2, 2014 - All Souls

+ Wisdom 3: 1-9 + Romans 6: 3-9 + Matthew 5: 1-10 +
Masses this Sunday at 10:30am and 6:30pm

Mass Intentions:
For the SAU Community
Monday     11.3    Noon        +Garvin Mayhew, '69           
Tuesday     11.4    4:30pm+Thomas Bianco, '60           
Wednesday     11.59:15pmFor student intentions           
Thursday11.6    4:30pm+Thomas Maushard, '57              
Friday        11.7        Noon+Dr. William Stier, '65        

This Week's Activities Include:
Monday: Music Ministry 6pm (Chapel); Brewed Awakening 8pm (Gathering Space)
Tuesday: Bridge Bible Fellowship 8:40pm (Chapel)
Wednesday: Ambrosians for Peace and Justice 8pm (Gottlieb Conference Room); Sacrament of Reconciliation 8:30pm (Chapel); Mass and More 9:15pm (Grotto)
Thursday: Interfaith 7pm (Lower Chapel

Campus Ministry Offices - Lower Chapel
333-6132 or
Fr. Chuck Adam, Chaplain
Chris Clow, Director of Music and Liturgy
Kaitlin Depuydt, Director of Service and Social Justice
Tammy Norcross-Reitzler, Director of Faith Formation
Tom Prior, Grad Assistant

Looking Out For our Neighbors
          Recently someone shared a cartoon with me that first appeared in The New Yorker magazine. The cartoon portrayed Satan and his smirking assistants welcoming a group of condemned to the dark, burning landscape of hell. Satan explains to the sad collection of new arrivals:  "You'll find there's no right or wrong here. Just what works for you." The cartoon is an interesting take on hell.  Frankly, the exact attitude that makes our lives “hell” is one in which individuals live in such a way as to claim that each one’s personal needs and wants are more important than anyone else’s. What’s right and what’s wrong is based merely on my how it affects me with no regard for the other. In such a world, love is impossible, healing forgiveness can never happen, and poverty and injustice prevail.  But this week at St. Ambrose we see something very different.  On Sunday afternoon several hundred Ambrosians will scour the neighborhood to rake leaves, clean gutters, and perform various other acts of service as part of the annual Bee the Difference Day.  Each day of this week, as part of the Ambrosians for Peace and Justice sponsored Hunger Week, initiatives are taking place to assist those who are unable to afford or who lack access to food.  And the Staff Assembly, “Keep Our Neighbors Warm” project continues to collect warm clothing for those who need it. The Ambrosian spirit of letting go of self-centeredness and looking out for our neighbors is the attitude that really does “work for us.” It also might just make life a little more heavenly for others too.   ---Fr. Chuck 

•Daylight Savings Time Ends--FALL BACK     REMEMBER that Daylight Savings Time comes to an end on Sunday, Nov 2 at 2am.  Be sure to set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night!

•Month of All Souls     In the Catholic Tradition the month of November is a time to pray for our deceased loved ones.  This Sunday, November 2nd is the Feast of All Souls Day.  Cards will be available in the Gathering Space for Ambrosians to record the names of their deceased loved ones.  During Mass we’ll collect the cards and place them in front of the altar where they will remain  throughout the entire month.   During the month of November, we will continue to pray for the deceased, trusting them to God’s loving mercy.  In the words of St. Ambrose of Milan, our patron, “We have loved them in this life. Let us not abandon them until we have conducted them by our prayers into the house of the Lord.”

•Bee the Difference Day is here!     Thanks to all who are volunteering to Bee the Difference this weekend.  Please arrive to the Rogalski Ballroom by 12:45 pm on Sunday to get your t-shirt and learn your assignment.

•17th annual HUNGER WEEK activities!     Ambrosians for Peace & Justice are happy to announce the many Hunger Week events happening this week, Nov 3-8th.
All Week: Canned Food Drive in Residence Halls. Post a picture of your canned food to any social media site with #mealforameal to help fight hunger in Australia.
Monday: Brewed Awakening focused on hunger. 8 PM in the Chapel Gathering Space
Tuesday: Greenlife Oxfam Bake sale. 10AM-4PM in the Beehive
Wednesday: APJ packing meals with Kids Against Hunger, 8pm
Thursday: Water for the World Act Letter Signing in Cosgrove
Saturday: "A Place At The Table" documentary. 11 AM in McCarthy 013
The Hungry Games!  9-11PM in the Beehive!

•Busy Student Retreat November 9-13     Interested in attending a retreat while still being able to go to classes, work, and spend time with friends?  The Busy Student Retreat is for you!  The retreat will be held from Nov. 9-13th and it takes place right here on-campus in the midst of your regular schedule.  You commit to 30 minutes of prayer time and schedule a time to meet daily  with a spiritual guide one-on-one for 30 minutes.  Registration forms are available in the Gathering Space and due to Campus Ministry by this WEDNESDAY (NOV. 5th).

•Vocations Awareness Week     National Vocation Awareness Week is celebrated this week, Nov. 2-8, 2014.  Please pray for dedicated priests, deacons, men and women religious and lay ministers.  May they be inspired by Jesus Christ, supported by our faith community, and respond generously to God’s gift of a vocation.

•Brewed Awakening     In collaboration with Hunger Week, all are invited to the Chapel Gathering Space at 8pm on Nov. 3rd to hear about the Faces of Hunger from Kaitlin Depuydt as she shares about her experience living in a Catholic Worker home that served 10 meals each week to those in need.   Join us the following Monday, Nov. 10th at 8pm to welcome back alumni Luke Greene and Liz Glasgow.  Luke and Liz graduated in May and are currently both doing a year of service!  Come hear about their experiences at this final Brewed Awakening of the semester.   All are welcome to these coffee-house style discussions!

•Service on Saturday     The next Service on Saturday opportunity will be on Saturday, Nov. 8th at 1pm. Join us at the Kahl Home, visiting with the seniors and helping with Bingo!  Email

•Music for the Feast of St. Ambrose Mass     Calling all musical Ambrosians!  All SAU students, faculty, and staff are invited to join with Music Ministry and help lead music for the Feast of St. Ambrose Mass on Sunday, Dec 7 at 10:30am.  Come help us celebrate our patron saint with a beautiful liturgy.  Contact Chris Clow, or email, to learn more and to help out.  Special rehearsals for this mass will begin on Monday, November 10 at 7:00pm in the Chapel.

•Late Night Adoration - Monday, Nov 10     Come take part in a time of scripture, song, and quiet prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  A perfect way to end the day!  Join us Monday, Nov 10 at 9pm in the Chapel. Email to learn more!

•Service Trip Preview!      Interested in making a difference over one of your academic breaks this year?  Come to our Service Trip Preview night on Tuesday 11/11 at 7pm in the RC Ballroom to hear about where we’ll be headed on our 6 (!) service trips this year!

•Dubuque’s Got Sisters     Women interested in checking out religious life from 4 different religious communities are invited to an overnight retreat at Mt. Carmel  in Dubuque, November 14th-15th.  For more information contact Sister Kathy Carr at or 563.588.2351, ext. 5133.

•Becoming Catholic/Confirmation Preparation     Anyone interested in preparing for Confirmation or becoming Catholic or learning more about Catholic teachings, rituals and way of life are invited to contact Tammy Norcross-Reitzler in Campus Ministry for more information.