Friday, January 27, 2017


Campus Ministry Bulletin
vol 25 no 16

January 29, 2017 - Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

+ Zephaniah 2:3, 3:12-13 + 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 + Matthew 5:1-12 +
Masses this Sunday at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm

Mass Intentions:
Sunday01.2910:30 am
6:30 pm         
For the SAU Community                
Monday     01.30Noon+ Edwin Brechon, '62
Tuesday     01.314:30 pm+ John Grothus, '50
Wednesday     02.19:15 pmFor Student Intentions           
Thursday02.2            4:30 pm+ Virginia "Ginger" Wolft, '55          
Friday        02.3Noon+ Michael Marks, '53

This Week's Activities Include:
Sunday: RCIA 11:30 am (Lower Chapel); Peer Campus Ministers 7:30 pm (Lower Chapel)
Tuesday: Bridge Bible Fellowship (non-denominational) 9 pm (Chapel)
Wednesday: Ambrosians for Peace and Justice 8 pm (Lower Chapel); Sacrament of Reconciliation 8:30 pm (Chapel); Mass & More 9:15 pm (Chapel)
Thursday: Music Ministry Rehearsal 6 pm (Chapel)
Friday: Music Ministry Retreat 4 pm (Chapel)

Campus Ministry Offices - Lower Chapel
333-6132 or  
Twitter: @FrChuckAdam
Fr. Chuck Adam, Chaplain
Chris Clow, Director of Music and Liturgy
Kaitlin Depuydt, Director of Service and Social Justice
Tammy Norcross-Reitzler, Director of Faith Formation
Tom Prior, Grad Assistant

Prayer Ministry - send intentions to

Sign Up for Campus Ministry Events any time during the year!  Go to:

Standing as One for the Fullness of Life
         Exercising one's freedom of speech is an important principle of our democracy. The enormous success of last weekend's Women's March in Washington, DC and other cities was a positive sign of people taking that freedom seriously. This weekend, the annual March for Life will draw thousands to Washington, DC. Those who march in defense of human life also offer a powerful witness to what it means to stand up and support the dignity of the human person. The two marches really have a lot in common from the standpoint of Catholic Social Teaching. It is stated well by Fr. James Martin, SJ, the well known author and editor of American Magazine who pointed out last week that being Pro-Life also means being Pro-Social Justice.  In his blog he writes:

         "That means that I am not only for the dignity of the human being from the moment of conception, but also until the natural end of life. For life does not end with birth. A person who is truly pro-life is pro-all life. pro-every stage of life for every person. For all life is sacred, because all life is created by God....So I am for care for the poor, for a living wage, for affordable healthcare, for adequate housing, for a humane work environment, for equal pay for women, for generous child care, for the support of the aged and infirm. That means I support caring for the marginalized among us: the refugee and migrant, the homeless, the person with disabilities, the single mother, women who are abused, minorities of every kind who are persecuted, and all who feel left out, lonely, ignored."
         As we conclude our two weeks of activities celebrating civil rights at St. Ambrose University, I hope more and more Ambrosians will have learned our history as a catalyst for civil rights in the Quad Cities and beyond.  But I also pray that we stay alert to the needs of our own day, and despite differing points of view, stand together for what really matters: making our world a more just, more inclusive, more wholesome place where every human person is afforded their dignity and can live in peace. --Fr. Chuck 

•The Feast of St. Blaise
St. Blaise is a 4th century Christian martyr and patron saint of those with throat illness.  His Feast day is Friday, February 3rd. The traditional blessing of throats will be offered Friday after the 12 noon Mass.

•Peer Campus Ministers for 2017-2018
Applications to be Peer Campus Ministers for the 2017-2018 academic year are now open!  Peer Campus Ministers are undergraduate students who live in each of the Residence Halls and work with the Campus Ministry staff to develop and coordinate opportunities for spiritual development and faith sharing in their hall community.  Those who are accepted will work an average of 5-8 hours per week, and earn a $1,500 stipend, in addition to selecting their housing early.  Learn more about Peer Ministers at the Campus Ministry Website, or fill out the application online here:  Applications are due Friday, February 24.

•Sign Up for Campus Ministry Activities!
At the beginning of each semester we offer students a chance to sign up for all of the campus ministry activities - from liturgical ministries, to retreat opportunities, to service (if you already filled it out in the fall, you don’t need to do so again).  If you’re new or haven’t had a chance to sign up yet this year, you can do so online at, or email us at to learn more.

•Liturgical Ministers
A schedule for 2nd semester liturgical ministers (lectors, extraordinary ministers of holy communion, server/sacristan, and greeters/ushers) will be created soon.   If you didn’t serve last semester and you are interested this semester, please contact Campus Ministry at

•Service on Saturday Next Week
Our service project for this weekend is full, but we’ll be helping at the the River Bend Food Bank next weekend on Saturday, February 4th.  Our carpool will leave at 10am and return by 1pm.  We will be working with the Backpack project, to provide weekend meals for area children to take home from school. To join in, email us at by Thursday, February 2nd.

•Music Ministry Rehearsals & Retreat
All SAU students are invited to help lead music for Sunday and weekday masses, and other prayer services.  Music Ministry is open to students of all musical skill levels.  This is a great time to start if you haven’t been before.  Rehearsals are Thursdays at 6pm in the Chapel, or join us on Sundays before either mass: we meet at 9:30am for the morning mass, and 5:45pm for the evening.

Plus, join us for a special Music Ministry mini-retreat on Friday, February 3 from 4pm - 9pm.  This retreat will be a short time for prayer, team building, discussion about music within the church, free food, and, of course, exploring new music from our brand new Gather 3 hymnals.  The retreat is open to all musically-inclined SAU students, but please sign up by emailing Chris Clow ( by Wednesday, February 1.

•Catholic Campaign for Human Development Internship
Applications for this paid internship are now being accepted until February 15th for the internship during the 2017-2018 academic year. Are you Catholic? Interested in fighting poverty? Then consider being an intern for CCHD.  The Catholic Campaign for Human Development provides grants for self-help projects developed by grassroots groups working to address the root causes of poverty in their communities.  The intern will help builds bridges between poor and non-poor communities in their work with Quad Cities Interfaith, a local community organizing group.  The intern must be able to attend the May 31-June 2, 2017 CCHD Training.   For more information, contact

•Confirmation Preparation
Anyone interested in preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, please contact Tammy Norcross-Reitzler at

•Antioch and Busy Student Retreat Spring 2017
Mark your calendars and plan to attend if you haven’t participated in an Antioch Retreat!  This semester’s Antioch begins on Friday evening March 3 and participants arrive back to campus early in the afternoon of March 5, 2017.  Sign up information for Antioch will be available soon.  The Busy Student Retreat is scheduled for the week of April 2, 2017.