Friday, February 6, 2015


Campus Ministry Bulletin
vol 23 no 18

February 8, 2015 - Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

+ Job 7: 1-4, 6-7 + 1 Corinthians 9: 16-19, 22-23 + Mark 1: 29-39 +
Mass this Sunday at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm

Mass Intentions:
Sunday2.810:30 am
6:30 pm
For the SAU Community
Monday     2.9    Noon             + Jim & Bev Grothus
Tuesday     2.10   4:30pm+ Charles Ruhl, Sr.           
Wednesday     2.119:15pmFor student intentions           
Thursday2.12    4:30pm+ Sally Shade Johnson, '58              
Friday        2.13       Noon+ Donald Costello, '51        

This Week's Activities Include:
Sunday: RCIA 11:30am (Lower Chapel)
Monday: Music Ministry 6pm (Chapel); Brewed Awakening 8pm (Gathering Space)
Tuesday: Bridge Bible Fellowship 8:40pm (Chapel)
Wednesday: Ambrosians for Peace and Justice 8pm (Lower Chapel); Sacrament of Reconciliation 8:30pm (Chapel); Mass and More 9:15pm (Grotto)

Campus Ministry Offices - Lower Chapel
333-6132 or
Fr. Chuck Adam, Chaplain
Chris Clow, Director of Music and Liturgy
Kaitlin Depuydt, Director of Service and Social Justice
Tammy Norcross-Reitzler, Director of Faith Formation
Tom Prior, Grad Assistant

There seems to be no shortage of things for people to worry about these days. Students might find themselves with increased anxiety over academic subjects that are becoming more challenging at this point in the semester. Decisions will soon have to be made in regard to next year's course of study, housing, and job situations. Maybe Valentine's Day is even causing a bit of anxiety for some who are less than happy in the area of life giving relationships. Its a good time to be reminded that sometimes we all worry way too much. An interesting statistic that I had saved says that an average person's anxiety is focused 40% on things that will never happen; 30% on things about the past that can't be changed; 12% on criticism by others, mostly untrue; 10% about health, which gets worse with stress; and only 8% about real problems that must be faced. So why do we allow such a small part of life to deplete the energies from all that can brings us joy?  There is an old proverb that says, "Worry pulls tomorrow's cloud over today's sunshine."  At a time in the year when the amount of sunshine is sparse enough the way it is, there is no need to make it even worse?  Let your faith help you put your worries aside. As one of my own spiritual guides used to say, "Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He's going to be up all night anyway."  ---Fr. Chuck 

•Brewed Awakening
Interested in hearing about volunteering in Haiti?  This week’s Brewed Awakening will feature Paige Echele and Corrigan Goldsmith, both students here at SAU who traveled to Haiti over Christmas break to volunteer in an orphanage.  Come enjoy speciality coffee beverages and enlightening discussion on Monday, (Feb. 9) at 8pm in the Chapel Gathering Space.

Antioch is a great opportunity for students to spend time away from campus, forming a safe, non-judgemental place to discuss faith and life in context of a Christian community.  It is open to any SAU student.   The spring retreat begins Friday, February 27th in the evening and concludes, Sunday, March 1st in the early afternoon. You can Register for Antioch online or pick up a registration form in the Chapel Gathering Space and return it to campus ministry by February 11.  For more information contact the co-leaders of the retreat, Amanda Aberle, or Dan Mahoney,

•Daily Lenten Reflections 
The season of Lent begins on February 18.  We are inviting faculty, staff, and other Ambrosians to write short daily reflections based on the scripture readings of each weekday of Lent that will be posted on the SAU website.  If you’d be willing to write one of the short reflections as a way of helping the SAU community be more attentive to the path to growth this Lent, please email Fr. Chuck Adam at

•Online Stations of the Cross
Students are invited to offer a reflection based on a specific station of the cross, as well as an experience from their life as a college student that relates to the station in some way.  Past reflections by our students have been wonderful, see them at  Email for more information.  Submissions due Feb 13.

•Service on Saturday
Join us next Saturday February 14th at 10am at Dress for Success, an organization that helps women in need find professional attire for work.  We will be sorting clothing donations.  Email to sign up.

•Women & Faith
We are forming a new group for young women interested in growing deeper in their Catholic Faith through shared prayer, reflection on God's Word and discussions about relevant faith topics.  The group will meet on Thursday evenings from 8-9 p.m. in the chapel gathering space during Lent beginning Thursday, Feb. 19th.  If you'd like more information, please contact Tammy Norcross-Reitzler at  

•Lenten Noontime Discussion
Want to take part in an informal lenten discussion group?  We will offer Tuesday, “brownbag” noon discussion in the Gathering Space based on The Church of Mercy by Pope Francis.  The first book by Pope Francis, this is a collection of his speeches, homilies, and papers presented during the first year of his papacy and details his vision for the Church and for Christianity in the world today.  Especially geared for faculty and staff, but open to all Ambrosians. Contact Fr. Chuck Adam or Tammy Norcross-Reitzler if you’d like to be part of this 5 part discussion which begins February 24th.

•Late Night Adoration
Stay tuned for information about the next opportunity for Late Night Adoration, as we look to reschedule from the cancellation this past Monday.  Be sure to email Chris Clow at if you’d like to help out with this and other prayer services in the future!

•Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies - June 11-14, July 9-12
Interested in youth ministry?  The Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies program is for you!  This summer program equips participants with the experience, tools, and resources to assist them in all avenues of youth ministry.  Earn your certificate in just two summers, and courses can be taken for Theology credit!  Find out more and get an application: click here or email Chris Clow at

•Spiritual Student Ambassador Position Opening
Applications are now available for  SAU student’s  for a leadership position on the Spiritual Floor for the 2015- 2016 academic year.  The SCA position requires a student dedicated to his or her own spiritual life and one who is willing to help others in their spiritual growth. Compensation includes housing. Applications due Feb 27.  Contact Fr. Chuck Adam for more information at, and/or download the application here.

•A Social Justice Internship - CCHD
Applications for an internship with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development are being accepted until Feb. 28.  Are you Catholic? Interested in fighting poverty? Then this internship might be for you.  CCHD provides grants for self-help projects developed by grassroots groups working to address the root causes of poverty in their communities;  Works to increase Catholics’ awareness of poverty in the U.S; Educates about the Catholic social tradition; Builds bridges between poor and non-poor communities. For more information click here or contact Loxi Hopkins, 563-888-4212 or