Friday, February 13, 2015


Campus Ministry Bulletin
vol 23 no 19

February 15, 2015 - Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

+ Leviticus 13: 1-2, 44-46 + 1 Corinthians 10:31 - 11:1 + Mark 1: 40-45 +
Mass this Sunday at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm

Mass Intentions:
Sunday2.1510:30 am
6:30 pm
For the SAU Community                
Monday     2.16    Noon             + Edward Zach, '58
Tuesday     2.17   4:30 pm+ Stephen Sherry, '52
Ash Wednesday     2.18Noon
4:30 pm
9:15 pm
For student intentions           
Thursday2.19    4:30pm+ Julius Crocker, '64
Friday        2.20       Noon+ Caroline Griffin, '16

This Week's Activities Include:
Sunday: RCIA 11:30am (Lower Chapel)
Monday: Music Ministry 6pm (Chapel); Interfaith 7pm (Lower Chapel); Brewed Awakening 8pm (Gathering Space)
Tuesday: Nurses Christian Fellowship 5pm (Gathering Space); Bridge Bible Fellowship 8:40pm (Chapel)
Wednesday: Ambrosians for Peace and Justice 8pm (Lower Chapel); Sacrament of Reconciliation 8:30pm (Chapel); Mass and More 9:15pm (Chapel)
Thursday: Women & Faith 8pm (Gathering Space)

Campus Ministry Offices - Lower Chapel
333-6132 or
Fr. Chuck Adam, Chaplain
Chris Clow, Director of Music and Liturgy
Kaitlin Depuydt, Director of Service and Social Justice
Tammy Norcross-Reitzler, Director of Faith Formation
Tom Prior, Grad Assistant

Since this is Valentine’s Day weekend, we are probably noticing hearts and lots of things that are made in heart shapes wherever we look. We find hearts on clothing, on Valentine’s Day cards, in messages sent to our email inboxes. Chances are you can’t overlook many heart-shaped cakes, candies and cookies this weekend. But by Wednesday the attention of Christian people shifts from looking outwardly at things that are heart-shaped to looking inward to the center of our being. On Ash Wednesday we ask, “what shape is my heart in?”  The season of Lent, which begins Wednesday, is a season of grace leading us to change. In his Lenten message for 2015 Pope Francis challenges Christians during Lent to form hearts that are able to love. Francis prays this Lent that we may each develop “a heart which is firm and merciful, attentive and generous, a heart which is not closed, indifferent or prey to the globalization of indifference.” The “globalization of indifference” is a phrase used often by Pope Francis to describe the disregard for others that takes control of our world.  Elli Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner once observed, “The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.”  If we are totally indifferent to the suffering of the poor, to victims of injustice, and to those in our midst dealing with pain, then our hearts are badly out of shape. They are closed to God and closed to our brothers and sisters. On the other hand, during the upcoming season of grace, if all the sacrifices we make, all the devotions we pray, and all the service that we perform can more freely reflect the God who holds all human beings in his own divine heart, then the discipline of Lent will lead to a renewal of our hearts. By the grace of God, our hearts become well-shaped to love.  Prayers for Lenten blessings to all Ambrosians.    ---Fr. Chuck 

•Ash Wednesday Mass Schedule for Distribution of Ashes - February 18
Ash Wednesday masses with the distribution of ashes will be offered at 12:00pm, 4:30pm and 9:15pm in Christ the King Chapel. Christian churches of many denominations offer the distribution of ashes in the same manner as Catholics do, symbolizing our desire to use the season of Lent to renew our lives of faith. As such, all Christians are welcome to receive ashes at these masses.

•Understanding the Lenten Fast and Abstinence 
FASTING: Catholics between the ages of 18 and 59 are obliged to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Fasting as explained by the U.S. bishops means partaking of only one full meal. Two other smaller meals (not equaling another full meal) are permitted as is drinking of liquids.
ABSTINENCE:  Catholics 14 years old and older must abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all the Fridays of Lent.  Abstinence forbids the use of meat, but not of eggs, milk products or condiments made of animal fat. We are reminded each year that the obligation to do penance on these days is a serious one, but no one should be scrupulous in this regard and if health reasons or the ability to do one’s work is seriously affected, these regulations do not apply.

•LENT at SAU:  Consider these regular activities a part of your Lenten routine:
→Daily Mass:  Mon/Fri at 12 noon;  Tues/Thur at 4:30 pm; Wed at 9:15 pm.
→Sacrament of Reconciliation: Wed. 8:30 - 9:00 pm.  Communal Reconciliation Service: 7pm March 30.
→Stations of the Cross: Booklets for praying the Stations are available under the First Station.  Pray with the Stations in the Chapel any time you like.
→Operation Rice Bowl:  Let your Lent make a difference in the lives of others, and support Catholic Relief Services through the Rice Bowl.  It’s simple - 1) pick up a Rice Bowl at Sunday or Ash Wednesday mass, take it to your room, floor, or home, 2) donate money from your Lenten sacrifices all season long, and 3) bring the Rice Bowl back to the Chapel during Holy Week (March 29 - April 3).  Visit to learn more.
→Lenten Booklets: Booklets for a reflection, activity, and prayer for each day of Lent are made available in Christ the King Chapel as well as by the mailroom on campus, provided to you by Campus Ministry.  Feel free to take a copy of “Turning Around” and pray along throughout Lent.
→Late Night Adoration: Come spend some time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament every Monday at 9pm in the Chapel during Lent.  Enjoy a time of song, scripture, and silence to end your day.
→Read and Discuss “A Church of Mercy,” by Pope Francis: Especially geared for faculty and staff, but all are welcome to a Tuesday, “brownbag” noon discussion in the Gathering Space.  Contact Fr. Chuck at if you’d like to be part of this discussion which begins Feb 24.
→Wednesday Ecumenical Reflection: Join us for 15 minutes of eccumenical prayer: a Taize song, scripture, and quiet reflection each Wednesday of Lent at noon.
→Women & Faith:  Gather weekly on Thursday evenings from 8-9 pm in the gathering space with other young women to pray, reflect on God’s Word and share faith.
→Fast Fest: Take part in a different fast every week of Lent!  Begins Monday, February 22!

•Online Stations of the Cross
View the Online Stations of the Cross, with new SAU student reflections (posted on Ash Wednesday) and the beautiful etchings of the late Fr. Edward Catich.  Make them a part of your Lenten reflection!  Visit:

•Ambrosian Faculty/Staff Reflections
New for 2015 - follow along online reflections on daily lenten scripture readings. Reflections from SAU faculty and staff.   Find them on the main SAU webpage, or go to  If you’d be willing to write one of the future reflections, please email Fr. Chuck Adam at

•Spiritual Student Ambassador Position Opening
Applications are now available for SAU student’s for a leadership position on the Spiritual Floor for the 2015- 2016 academic year.  The SCA position requires a student dedicated to his or her own spiritual life and one who is willing to help others in their spiritual growth. Compensation includes housing. Applications due Feb 27.  Contact Fr. Chuck Adam for more information at, and/or download the application here.

•Service on Saturday
Spend time on Valentine’s Day playing board games with residents living at the Arc of the QC, a group home for individuals with developmental disabilities.   We will leave campus at 10:45am, play board games and share lunch with the residents, and return by 1:30pm.  Email to take part.

•Brewed Awakening
Interested in hearing about AmeriCorps NCCC and FEMA Corps?  This week’s Brewed Awakening will feature SAU student John Wray, former volunteer.  The discussion will focus on what they are and the differences between the two. Join us to enjoy free coffee and speciality drinks at this Brewed Awakening in the Gathering Space on Monday, Feb. 16 from 8-9pm.